Cloud software development​

Our cloud solutions can migrate any legacy system to an effective scalable system, leveraging the data to provide clear insights of their advantages, disadvantages enabling you to take wise business decisions. We are in process of mastering all the popular AWS cloud services like lambda, S3, elastic search, DynamoDB etc to provide efficient, cost optimised serverless architecture. In general development, we specialise in the below as part of continuous improvements to the projects.

Mobile apps and webapps

We know people like to do all the activities  on their mobile phone, if we build an intelligent data algorithm for you but if the front end doesn’t provide the cool look and feel the end user will lose interest. To make the app as a first choice for the end customers there are few challenging areas.

IoT end to end development

IoT applications are typically formed with a network of multiple system interfaces, if one system went offline the entire system can look non functional unless you plan to design the redundancy systems and the network behaviours when offline. The typical challenges we worked in building IoT platform are.

Embedded Software development

Like other technologies embedded software is evolving at unprecedented pace, makes developers easier to adopt and develop advanced user level applications on devices. Infact, this is one of the fundamental factor for emerging new technologies in device oriented sectors like wearables, transportation, tracking, military, medical, etc. But, when it comes to kernel level applications which deals directly with hardware modules it requires specialised skills in understanding drivers, porting issues, memory management, our team has decades of experience in dealing very tricky issues to complex humongous code structures in these areas.


Thanks to silicon manufacturers who are catching up with the trends and market demands by providing the efficient libraries and tools to build the firmware applications using their evaluation kits. This area has significantly improved past decade by vendors helping in quick example codes which can be used in the main applications. However failing to understand the following can have significant delays in the project.

Hardware & Mechanical design

We also offer hardware and mechanical design through our partners who has a track record in bringing products ready from scratch with industrial certifications, irrespective the complexity of the project we work together to quickly prototype a working solution, considering all the below areas we bring the products to mass production.


Finding a good reliable manufacturer is always challenging, with our partners who have decades of experience and infrastructure in manufacturing, our clients are enjoying a relaxing journey with any type of issues encountered in production. The costs can be cut down at various stages in the entire cycle, we can help in the below areas for any size of production from few thousands to millions.

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