IoT end to end development

IoT applications are typically formed with a network of multiple system interfaces, if one system went offline the entire system can look non functional unless you plan to design the redundancy systems and the network behaviours when offline. The typical challenges we worked in building IoT platform are.


Commissioning a device securely, varies case by case, we have went through many unsuccessful attempts to find the optimised commissioning process for different  applications, we now found a proven balanced methodology that works with any application. Typical technologies involved are WiFi, BLE, Thread, ZigBee, Serial, usb, custom RF, HTTP, HTTPS.


Any application or device connected to internet is vulnerable to be compromised, a proper secure system requires not just the technology but also some good and proven policies to prevent hacking.  All the IoT devices should maintain unique credentials either at the manufacturing time or during the commissioning process.


Its physically impossible to upgrade the devices if upgrade feature  is not fully tested in all scenarios before manufacturing, remote upgrades can brick the system or device if not  designed carefully and hence will cost a lot in replacing the device.

Data management

Infabcloud platform can handle millions of data transaction and easily scalable to any number of devices, we have designed a proven data framework which will extract any device information in the right pattern enabling a generic data management tool.


Having a reliable connectivity requires many factors to be considered at core level. Also retry mechanism and the behaviour when there is no connectivity requires a good thought.


Not all IoT devices require to stay connected, they can form multiple network topology among themselves like mesh, star  type of networks and dynamically elect a device with in the network to be a router, based on its capabilities and other parameters.

Data Protocols

A typical device consists one of the protocols for communication, for e.g. Serial, ModBus, BacNet, USB, IP, SNMP, SSH, Telnet, and any bespoke protocols like Opentherm, ebus, EMS. We support any device with any protocol.

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