Welcome to Infabytes

Are you looking for a capable team to deliver your product ?

Are you looking to offload the embedded software development or testing burden and concentrate on your core business?

Are you looking for cost effective solutions and keep everything under the tip of your finger control.

Do your business lies in one of the following industry

Internet of things (IoT)
Consumer Electronics
Medical Electronics

If the answer is yes for any of the above then you have reached the right place, We are professional technical development centre for our clients seeking help in their ideas, projects and products.

Our core business lies in providing in-depth expertise in embedded design and end to end software development for the electronic products in domains of telecom, medical, consumer electronics and utilities. We aim to offload or minimise the development overhead of our clients, so they can fully concentrate on other parts of their business.

Why Infabytes?

  • We meet demanding customer requirements in terms of time, cost and quality
  • We satisfy typical automotive process requirements while remaining flexible and agile
  • We fit into Tier 1-specific approaches
  • We save time and cost of our customers when setting up test infrastructure
  • We can put together larger teams out of a mix of Infabytes employees and further support from long-term partners
  • There is no risk of knowledge transfer or leakage.

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